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Instructions for Finding Interred Persons

1)    Click on link for interred persons.  This will open an Excel spreadsheet with a list of all persons buried in the cemetery. The list is searchable by clicking on the Find tab in the upper right corner of the control bar in the Excel program. Insert the last name, first name in the search box and click Find.  It should take you to the person in the spreadsheet and show you the lot number where they are interred.

2)    Note the lot number.  Ex.  4_596_5.  This stands for Section 4, Lot 596, Grave 5.

3)    Click on link to appropriate Section Maps.  In this example it would be Section 4.  Section map will display.  Find lot number, which is the large number in a box.  The individual grave numbers are around the lot box. 

4)    Each line of numbers (e.g. 1-6) represents a line of grave stones.  Count from the top or bottom which grave row you are looking for. 

5)    To make the search easier, you may want to reverse search on the lot at the end of the row closest to the road.  It is many times easier to find a grave if you know the name on the monument at the end of the row closest to the road.  In that case, you would take a location number, Ex. 4_633_1.  Put that location number into the find search box.  It must be entered exactly as shown; 4 (underscore)633(underscore)1. Click Find and it should take you to the name of the person in that lot.  You can then look for the name on the monument at the end of the row in identifying your location and row for which you are looking.