The cemetery allows lawn level markers, upright monuments, and benches. 


MARKERS -            SINGLE     min.  24" X 12" X 4"

                                                   max.  32" X 20" X 4"

                                DOUBLE    min. 36" X 12" X 4"

                                                    max.  60" X 24" X 4"

(Cement border frame - "wash" is allowed (but not required) around markers up to the max. dimensions)

MONUMENTS -     SINGLE      max. base 38" X 16"

                                DOUBLE    max. base 70" X 16"

BENCHES -                                 max. base 70" X 24"


All cemetery fees must be paid in full, and a signed approval of the memorial layout must be obtained from the superintendent before any memorial is authorized to be set at a grave site.  This includes 2nd half or additional lettering of existing stones.  Any memorial brought in without authorization is subject to removal from the property and storage off-site by the cemetery.  Any expenses incurred for same shall be borne by the memorial purchaser. 

Monument vendors are responsible for doing their own settings, but must receive authorization from the cemetery superintendent prior to proceeding.

A poured cement foundation must be placed at the grave site by the cemetery prior to a memorial being set. Only a cemetery authorized vendor may put in foundations.  

In the southern section of the cemetery, overall monument heights may not exceed 38" (base + tablet)

Memorial maintenance is not included with perpetual care.

     Cemetery is not responsible for damage to memorials.