General Rules and Regulations

Artificial flowers are not permitted at any time during the year. Natural cut flowers are permitted throughout the year.


In-ground flower planting is permitted within a 16" arc of a monument. Planting must be behind commercial grade plastic garden edging. No brick or fence edging. No trees or shrubs. 


Unattended or overgrown plantings and shrubbery will be removed without notice.


The cemetery offers, through its certified vendor, a seasonal flower planting and care program.  Contact Newburg Contracting, Inc. for details  612-919-6400. 


No glass vases, shepherd hooks, plastic, pottery, balloons, pinwheels, statues, potted plants or other lose items may be left at the grave. Same may not be dug into the ground.  These will be removed without notice.  The cemetery is not responsible for such items.


Plant stands are permitted but must not obstruct grass cutting or grounds maintenance. Keep plant stands close to a monument base and not out in an aisle.  Cemetery is not responsible for such items.


Dogs are not permitted on cemetery grounds (except for personal assistance dogs).


Cremation burial or scattering in not permitted anywhere in the cemetery.  If the cemetery can determine the source of such activity, legal action may be taken.  This type of activity is strictly prohibited. 


Interfaith burial is permitted only in designated areas.


All burials require a grave liner or vault. 


Monuments, markers, and benches are permitted. All monument, markers and benches require a cement foundation.  The cost of a foundation is included with burial fees (per rule beginning January 1, 2014).  Foundations are installed by cemetery approved contractors only.