BURIALUnited Hebrew Brotherhood provides Jewish burial for any person of the Jewish faith or converts to Judaism.  A separate section is available to accommodate interfaith burials.  Burial or scattering of cremated remains is NOT allowed anywhere in the cemetery. If evidence of same is found, the cemetery will pursue corrective action and seek damages from anyone found responsible for such action.


PERPETUAL CARE - Perpetual care is general upkeep and maintenance of cemetery grounds.  Regular perpetual care DOES NOT include maintenance to monuments or markers.  Memorials brought into the cemetery are the responsibility of the memorial purchaser, family or next of kin to the deceased. Cemetery is not responsible for damage for memorials.


MONUMENT AND MARKER REPAIR - Over time some monuments may lean or fall over requiring a new foundation to remain level.  Markers may settle and become covered over with grass and not be fully visible.  Contact Michael J. Morris, LLC 612-998-0077 (independent contractor).


ON-SITE SERVICES -  A chapel is available for use during burial services. Capacity: 225. A chapel fee applies. 


FLOWER PLANTING PROGRAM - Annual flower planting services are available. Contact Newburg Contracting, Inc. 612-919-6400 (independent contractor.)